Established since 1997, Balmtech Inc. has introduced advanced Hydro-Gel Plaster to American and European market. So far Balmtech successfully market different brands of plaster to USA, Australia, Italy, Germany and France.

In May 2008, Balmtech Inc. replacing Richards Home Product Co., sister company of Balmtech Inc., became sole distributor of Dr.Theiss Naturwaren GmbH whose medicated toothpaste, Lacalut, is the leading brand in both Europe and Japan.

Lacalut was developed by a Boehringer & Sohn Ingelhein, a well-known pharmaceutical company in Germany, in 1925. The main ingredient, Aluminum Lactate, was patented and marketed in her tooth-powder. Before invention of toothpaste, tooth powder was the only oral hygiene product. Lacalut tooth powder was widely used for gingivitis and gum bleeding. Now Lacalut has been marketed in more than 50 countries. Clinical studies and report on Lacalut are conducted and published in different dental journal. Lacalut is marketed as medicine in all countries except Taiwan as no toothpaste has ever been classified as medicine in Taiwan. Lacalut has been imported into Taiwan as commodity since its very beginning.

Lacalut aktiv was introduced into Taiwan by Richards Home Product Co. in 1993. Lacalut was then marketed by Balmtech Inc. since 2008. Within these 16 years Lacalut has been recommended by both dentists and pharmacists to consumers who will repurchase Lacalut due to satisfactory experience. Lacalut is available in over 700 pharmacies and around 600 detal clinic island-wide. Sales of Lacalut aktiv grows year by year for its significant effects on gum astringent action and its improvement in gingivitis and gum bleeding. Lacalut sensitive, Lacalut white and Lacalut floride were then introduced in to Taiwan after Lacalut active. We expect Lacalut to contribute to the oral hygiene of general public in Taiwan.

Balmtech Inc. will continue her dedication in promoting good local medicine and commodities to global market, and in introducing good oversea medicine and commodities into local pharmacies and dental clinic.

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