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LACALUT white ITEM No. :

• Sodium triphosphate and
    epoxy-potassium phosphate can remove
    stain gently. Stain can be removed from
    those of tobacco, tea and coffee origin.

• Sodium fluoride will prevent dental
    caries and tooth stain. It will strengthen
    tooth enamel and recover compromised

Main lngredients:
Sodium triphosphate、epoxy-potassium phosphate、Sodium fluoride、Aluminum lactate、
Titanium oxide、 Sodium palmate。( total fluoride below 1500ppm)

Usage and Remindings:

    •  3 times per day. An immediate sense of astringency can be felt. Regular use will protect

         tooth from gum problems and periodontitis。
    •  Do not swallow, spit out after brushing。

    •  For detail oral hygiene and periodontitis, please consult with your dentist。 




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